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Specialist coatings and linings for the protection of industrial equipment against corrosion, wear and erosion.

Leading Specialists In Corrosion Protection

Specially formulated products to cover a complete array of conditions



A solvent free, high build coating designed for pipe externals & structures, process equipments , tanks internal exposed to highly corrosive environment and chemicals in refineries , chemicals & petrochemicals , jetties ,power plants and offshore industries. The product is highly surface tolerant and manage to achieve very high degree of adhesion on limited cleaned surface Fast drying times, excellent impermeability & Chemical resistance , high mechanical strengths & abrasion resistance makes Armaflake EHB a great choice against corrosion protection among various industries. Besides, the ability to cure under extremely damp or immersed conditions makes it highly suitable for piles, splash zone or similar locations.


An epoxy based resin coating specifically developed for application by brush or standard airless spray equipment on steel and concrete substrates that cannot be grit blasted. The product is highly cost effective but can provide much higher service life when compared to current conventional systems. Armaflake Offshore can give higher service life but without the need of blasting which is generally not possible in a running plant and also possesses many safety an health hazards. It is used for painting of structures, pipelines, tanks, cooling tower, valves and fittings.


A glass flake reinforced polyester coating for steel substrates exposed to C5-M or C5-I . It can withstands highly saline condition in sea water and extremely aggressive corrosion conditions up to about 80°C immersion temperatures. Traditionally developed for use on Oil Rigs and offshore platforms for protection of externals of riser pipes, cellar decks, pipe racks, railings, it is now widely used for the internals and externals of seawater out flow pipes, cooler covers, water boxes, protection against aggressive chemicals and acidic environments and other applications,Main advantages are ease of application, fast film build (up to 1mm in one coat), rapid cure times, (2-3 hrs thin film drying time) as well as repairable and overcoatable when cured.


It is formulated from a Novolac epoxy vinyl ester resin, and applied to give a dry film thickness of 1 mm it is used to protect steel from corrosive attack. It is widely used in the power generation,chemical and petrochemical industry for lining of tanks, process vessels, pipelines, ion exchange vessels. It provides excellent thermal and chemical resistance against solvents and acids. Armaflake Ultra - B, can withstand total immersion temperatures upto 100 deg C and in gaseous environments, temperatures up to 170 deg C.


This versatile coating acts as a very good corrosion barrier to range of acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, some solvents and many other common reagents. It consists of a high performance epoxy resin filled with glass flakelets with a particle size distribution of 150-300 microns. The coating resists many common corrosive conditions up to 100°C (depending on chemical or corrosive type). It is very easy to spray (standard airless 68:1 machine) or brush apply. Uses vary from internal tank linings, to knock out drums, water boxes, spool pieces, pump and valve casings, pipe internals for outflow pipes and most process vessels.


Possessing outstanding corrosion resistance even on poorly prepared steel substrates, this surface tolerant solvent based epoxy can be applied by brush or airless spray. It exhibits good flexibility, fast drying times, rapid development of properties at ambient and low temperatures, and superior water and salt water resistance. Excellent adhesion is achieved even on marginally prepared surfaces (including cold, wet or damp surfaces). The product has wide application in almost all kind of industries and can protect range of structures and equipment for longer duration .


In the offshore world, not many products are approved for use in high temperature, high pressure applications. For example, in oil/seawater separator vessels, with gases carbon dioxide and methane at 30 bar pressure and 130°C (such as in the North Sea), many coatings suffer blistering from explosive decompression of the coatings. This occurs during shutdown cycles of clean out of these vessels. Armatherm can withstand this very disruptive and expensive failure mechanism. This is a two-pack solvent free highly potent epoxy resin reinforced with glass flakes. The glass transition temperature of this coating is very high at around 200°C. Other uses include subsea Christmas trees, pipe pieces or storage tanks containing hot media, such as slack wax on refineries. This coating would also find many applications on FPSO vessels and process equipment on power stations. It has very good overall corrosion resistance and is very tough and durable.


Armaflake ST is a two-pack, solvent free, modified epoxy resin based coating specifically developed for one coat, high-build application by brush or standard airless spray equipment onto steel substrates that cannot be grit blasted. It contains glass flakes for superior corrosion resistance, wear resistance and longevity. The product is formulated to adhere to surfaces where optimum surface preparation is not possible. Its good penetration and adhesive properties ensure excellent protection in long term exposure.